Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hadley Elizabeth Sugg

We can't let the month go by without introducing Madeline's twin-cousin, Hadley Elizabeth. Hadley was born on May 11--exactly one month after Madeline, and in the ensuing fun and chaos, I have not gotten to take as many pictures as I normally would. So I've resorted to thievery, and just took this one straight from Hadley's blog (great picture, Lyndi!).

As you can see, Hadley and Matthew have a lot in common and play well together. Needless to say, it will be a joy to watch Madeline and Hadley grow up together--and trust me, Meredith has enough bossiness, um, leadership skills, in her to handle two underlings. I cannot even imagine how loud the house is going to be as these three grow. Is that a weird thing to worry about? Oh well...loud and hilarious, I'm sure.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Narrating Your Life for Fun and Profit

I've mentioned before that Meredith sometimes narrates her life. She used to do this under her breath, for her own entertainment. For instance she'd be walking down the hall, and she'd be saying "The little girl walked down the hall quietly." But now she's really taking it to new levels.

Mommy: Meredith, it's nap time.
Meredith: No, mommy, it's not. Fairies do not take naps.
Mommy: This one does.
Meredith: No, mommy. That's my story: "The little fairies do not take naps, because if they do, they will die." And we don't want the fairies to die do we, mommy? We HAVE to follow the story!

As I've said before in similar situations, exactly how does one discipline that which is based completely outside of reality? Don't worry, it's a rhetorical question. Unless you happen to know. Oy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dan Dan and Erin

Uncle Dan Dan and Aunt Erin came from Colorado for a short visit. Short though it may have been, we still managed to eat a great breakfast at Cafe Eclectic, grill out, go out for barbecue and catfish, mess with some lawyers down at 201 AND go see the swollen Mississippi. All of this in the midst of downpours and extreme humidity. We're a talented group, what can we say.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big Day

Friday was a big day for Meredith. I still have trouble believing that she's old enough to be having end of school programs--or to be attending swim lessons--but here we are. As I've said before, I'm glad that Mer isn't shy, because that means I don't have to be anxiety ridden just because she's standing in front of a huge group of people. So the school program is no problem.

Here are the kids right before the show. I love this pic, because they look like tiny teenagers, just standing around, being cool, hanging out. I mean, check out Holden's collar?! (far left)

They sang "It's a Small World" and several other global hits ("Waltzing Matilda" and "Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day") in their Japanese flag shirts. Jack is the sweet boy standing next to Meredith. He was born the same day she was, but he's about as tall as his teachers.

Here, Mer and Lea take a ride on the train during the carnival that followed the program. Meredith would not ride the pony this year. Or jump in the bounce house. Or pet the animals in the petting zoo. But this was fun. As long as she's happy, right?

Anyway, school programs are old hat now, but the swim lessons did cause me some anxiety because Meredith is INCREDIBLY cautious. Her adventurous side only applies in social settings. All week long, I waited for the teacher to say "She completely refused to get in the water" or something to that effect. But it never happened. And it was pure joy to watch her proud smile during their little swim-show for the parents.

They started off by sitting on the step and kicking. I love the different facial expressions in this pic.

Then they showed us how they could walk on the bottom of the pool. You forget what a huge accomplishment this is when you're under 4 feet tall. Meredith almost exploded with pride (she's in the back, behind Walt). Then there was more kicking; Meredith obviously got her Marme's water ballet skills (another story for another day).

We ended the day as you might imagine--putting Meredith to bed about 2 hours earlier than usual. She didn't mind a bit. If only Madeline had gotten the memo...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Care about the Square

Overton Square is a central landmark/intersection in Midtown Memphis. Developers are moving forward with what appears to be a decision to raze the historic buildings and put up a strip mall grocery store in the place where character once stood.

I'm all for capitalism, but that's just dumb. Good design makes people happy. It brings them together. And then they spend their money. So everyone wins. Go here for the names/addresses of the folks who are making decisions about Overton Square. Thus far, they haven't listened to input from any Memphians.

It really doesn't take long to write a couple letters (copy, paste, print, my friends) and it does make a difference.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. If I'm ever kind, it's due to your example.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law. Your gentleness as a mom made Chris the the precious husband and father that he is.

And Happy Mother's Day to me. Chris, Robert, Taurean, and Meredith all made a fabulous, huge breakfast. I read the paper and held (peaceful!) Madeline while they cooked. It really was kind of luxurious.

I'm glad I'm a mom. Completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, but glad.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

8pm and All is Well

It's weird having two kids. Chris looked at me at dinner last night and said "Can you believe we have TWO kids?" I assured him that I could believe it, but I agree that it's still kind of weird.

It's also still kind of rare that they're both content on their own at the same time. But last night at 8pm, they were.

Mer was in her princess dress (por supuesto), with brownie all over her mouth, patiently fixing her Barbie's hair. Note that she had already fixed her own hair--see the little sprout on the side of her head? When she spotted me, she kindly asked if I wanted to help.

Madeline was in the midst of my favorite of all her activities--stretching as if she were waking from 100 hours of sleep. If only...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Ups and Downs

There are some extreme highs and lows when infants are around.

For instance, a high would be when you realize you're peacefully potting flowers on your deck while your baby sleeps in the shade of a red umbrella.

On the flip side, we have anything that happens between 4:30am and 6am. I can't be held responsible for my behavior during that particular time.

Another high would be the forced relaxation when the baby insists on being held. If you can let go of the dull weight of the knowledge that there's laundry you need to do, you can really enjoy just sitting there. (I held Madeline for quite awhile last night while watching Mr. Bean's Holiday. Fabulous movie. I highly recommend it. If you don't laugh out loud, you need to loosen up.)

Back to the lows: there is the back pain that makes you wonder if paralysis is just one feeding away.

Highs and lows. Just like normal life, except with a little more intensity and a little less rest.