Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meredith and Her New Friend...Meredith

Okay yall, we won't tell if you won't, but Meredith's newest friend is actually just her own precious reflection. She's having fun with that other baby, so we're not going to burst her bubble. And thanks to Waltie for the stand-up mirror that has allowed this new relationship to blossom. We're so glad that Waltie had a chance to get all mature and too grown up for some of his toys before Meredith came along.

Meridy is also enjoying lots of tummy time these days (see below). Well, to be honest, she enjoys it until she's done enjoying it and then she is definitely DONE with tummy time. Sometimes she remembers that she has the power to roll over and end tummy time herself, but sometimes she's so worn out from holding up her giant head that she forgets about that power and just buries her face in the blanket and screams. And that's okay, cause I can't remember the last time that I worked as hard as she does during tummy time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Since Mer was born (literally, in the delivery room) people have said "My, she's so alert" and things to that effect. So here's a couple pictures to try and document that precious inquisitiveness that she's had since day one. Of course as previously stated on this blog, it's hard to catch anything close to a natural expression thanks to the ever-present flash -- and the fact that she's so dang alert means that she's always looking directly at the camera.

I'm also posting a picture of Meredith's favorite pose (this week). She loves rolling over on her side and slobbering intently on whatever toy is currently in favor. Notice the feet: she also prefers to only wear one sock at a time -- or neither. It's a constant, vigilant battle to keep her toesies warm. Sorry, but that's what they are. Toesies. I can't remember the last time I said toes.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Baby girl is growing increasingly interested in the yummy things that mommy and daddy are constantly eating. SO we thought we'd start giving her a chance to try some new things too -- you can't blame a girl for wanting something that doesn't come out of a bottle. But as you can see, the idea and the reality are still two very different things. She does great with the "open wide" part. And she gets a good bit of food off the spoon. But it all comes right back out -- INstantly. And the look on her face (obviously) is not one of delight. Oh well. It's fun to try. We'll just keep practicing and I'm sure one of these days she'll be spitting the food out on purpose for fun and not just because she's worried that mom and dad have lost their minds.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow Days

Everybody knows that snow days (in the south at least) are just a good excuse to hang out with your family and do nothing at all. Here's a picture of the snow. That's right, Colorado Lareaus, in Memphis we take pictures when it snows! If you want to see pictures of a cute kid playing in the snow, you won't find them here. That's cause our little bambino has a pretty terrible cold and there was no frolicking in the frozen white stuff for her. To get your precious-kid-in-the-snow-fix go to (Sorry Walt, couldn't resist).

Sunday, February 05, 2006

On a Roll

Ladies and Gentlemen -- this is how it's done. Meredith's rolling technique is demonstrated above. The arm must be positioned straight out in front of the head. Works everytime. Okay, really it's only worked once so far. But it'll happen again. Soon, we're sure.

Dad actually took a picture and we've got to encourage this behavior, so it's posted below.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

4 Months!

Meredith is four!--months that is. Here's the stats: She's a 50/90/90. That's 50th percentile weight, 90th percentile height and 90th percentile for her big pumpkin head. We're sure that's cause of her giant BRAINS! She's also incredibly strong and holds her head at difficult angles and sits up practically by herself, using ab muscles that her mom and dad definitely couldn't equal.

What else to say? She's jabbering a lot. We actually couldn't hear the t.v. show we were watching this evening cause she had so much to say. As mentioned in the previous entry, she's still darn close to turning over. She's just a really happy girl who makes her parents really happy.

And speaking of happy, the Lareaus are back in their home after the The Great Bottle Melting Fiasco (known hereafter as TGBMF). We are positively giddy and are realizing that we're very blessed to have a home and a cozy attic and warm beds and plenty of food and even some ice cream and each other.

Happy four months, Meridy.