Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Dear Meredith -

The night before you were born, I laid awake thinking about how I couldn't wait to hold you. But I was also scared. As I'm sure you'll understand someday, childbirth is a little intimidating. But my point is this, the night before your fifth birthday was considerably more fun and less anxiety ridden. We stayed up late getting ready for your day. Late for us is 8:45, since your new Kindergarten requires your presence at 7:30. But still, we stayed up late. Your daddy wrapped your presents. He's incredibly good at that. I made cupcakes. Lemon, because that's what you requested.

You woke up early on your birthday. But because you're getting older and wiser, you didn't beg to go downstairs or dramatically proclaim your state of near starvation. At least not for 5 minutes. Nope, you crawled into bed with us (your sister was already there, because she doesn't really like to stay in her crib past 5) and we had a few more minutes of peace and quiet. Finally you and I got antsy and we snuck out of bed. I got you some of my socks, because it's cool in the mornings now, and you've always gotten a kick out of wearing my socks. We went downstairs and I started the coffee while you put toppers on your cupcakes. Rings with huge jewels for the girls, and giant plastic bugs for the boys (or vice versa, to each their own). You put the toppers on in a certain pattern, because you and all your classmates are obsessed with patterns right now.

Coffee was brewed and so I made your breakfast. Cinnamon Life, because nothing else will do. And grapes, because that makes me feel better. Then I put a ridiculously big magenta bow in your hair, so that no one would forget it was your birthday. I took it off a flower arrangement I got last week, because your mommy is the queen of reduce/reuse/recycle. By the time you read this you may be a little weary of my re-using skills, but trust me girl, you looked fabulous.

And then you were off. I have no doubt that your daddy lingered in your classroom for 20 minutes, at least, as seems to be his routine now. I have no doubt that he reinforced your status as the Queen of Birthday Land. I'll be there in half an hour with your jeweled and buggy cupcakes. Can't wait.

I love you, Mer.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


There's a picture of me in this dress somewhere, too. Strangely, it's not digital.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Morrissey and Soccer

There are few things that Chris loves more than Morrissey and soccer. Hopefully, Meredith will see her way clear to an appreciation of one or both of those things. Soccer got off to a great start on Saturday morning, and by the time she's maudlin and 14, the Morrissey will probably be just what the doctor ordered.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tubes In, Adenoids Out

We thank God that Madeline's surgery was a breeze. We had to be there at 6:15 am. Not surprisingly, of the 12 or so kids that gathered in the surgery center over the next hour, Madeline was the loudest. All the rest of the parents and kids were acting like NORMAL people act when it's way too early to be up. Madeline was running around the center like a maniac and talking/yelling the whole time. She HATED her hospital gown (who can blame her?) and spent several minutes shrieking and trying to pull it off.

She didn't cry too much as she came up from the anesthesia and she has now been asleep for about 3 hours. We left the center, ran errands, came home, and still she slept. I'm not complaining, since she slept very little last night. One of the ears was infected again, so we're glad that we went ahead with the surgery.

All's well that ends well. We're grateful to LeBonheur East Surgery Center - every nurse and doctor was amazing.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Biker Family

So, a few months ago we got all kitted out to be a biking family, thanks to Craig's List and the generosity of friends whose kids have grown (it happens). We have a seat for Madeline on the back of Chris's bike - or we have the option to put both girls in a trailer that Chris pulls on his bike. I'm not allowed to have anyone on my bike but me, because I fall over sometimes. Whatevs.

Yesterday we took a ride to Overton Park. Madi chilled on the back of Chris's bike and Meredith rode her bike there and back on her own. Not surprisingly (thanks, Mr. Murphy and your dang law), she did it all without incident... until she hit the tiny bump that leads into our driveway. Awesome to end the huge ride with skinned knees.

Overall, though, it was a great ride. And there will be many more.