Thursday, January 31, 2008

Precious and Better

My daughter is precious. She is also a better girl than ever I was. I just put Walt and Mer in the bath. After undressing herself, Mer carefully picked up all her clothes, struggled to open the closet door, succeeded in doing so with one hand, and put the clothes in the dirty laundry basket. Then she came back, saying "Let-let-let me [the stutter will break your heart in TWO] put Walty's clothes away," and picked up all of his clothes, ducking twice for missed socks. At 32, I do not possess these standards. Nor do I pick up after others with such a willing spirit.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Whole Lotta Meredith

Today, Meredith discovered Mommy's scarf drawer. Mommy played with many of these scarves when she was just a tyke, but Meredith came up with these ensembles, and certainly this dance, all on her own. (Mommy complied by tying where instructed to do so).

Now in the next segment, we see Meredith working closely with her acting coach. And by the way, while Chris is certainly doing a lot of prompting in this video, let me assure you that this is a talent Meredith developed entirely on her own. We just recently found her out. Sympathy is flowing less freely in the Lareau household.

Baby girl is developing quite the stage presence. Or something.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We're Not Doin' Much

Other than freezing our rear-ends off. Pardon the final preposition there, but that's what we're doing. Seriously.

Mer is dressing in layers and focusing on her indoor activities.

Chris is reorganizing outdoor storage and accoutrement. Which is akin to a dance before the gods for good weather...A display of faith that someday, we will again need to know where the jogging stroller is. Someday, we might again stroll the sidewalks with the little red wagon. Some beautiful day, we might bring out the circa 1989 jam box and listen to it while we plant flowers. Someday...someday. Sorry, sorry, I'm back.

So anyway, to supplement the entertainment value of this post, which is just about nil, here's a picture of Mer one year ago today. She thought it was hilarious that she recognized the guy on the other side of the window. She kept trying to grab him through the window. Poor Papa with his clean window obsession. He probably had to clean the inside as soon as he finished the outside.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Identity Crisis

Mommy: Would you like an orange?
Meredith (having developed an occasional stutter): O-O-Only peoples like oranges.
Mommy: Well, you’re a person, Meredith. You’re a ‘people.’
Meredith: (Scoffing tone) Nooooo….I’m Mer-Mer.

So take that, you plebeian masses, you orange lovers, you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Clarity of January

What a great month. Let me assure you, that's the first time in my life I've ever said that about January. But this one is going well. It's been cold, crisp and clear, for the most part. And by clear, I mean that there has been sunshine. Thank you GOD.

So: A fresh start on the year, a rest after the madness of the holidays. Not yet into the doldrums of February or the desperation of March. Time to get things done around the house, take walks, and get all artsy and craftsy. Luckily, Mer enjoys those things too.

She just appeared next to Chris during this project, drill bit inserted carefully in teeth as pictured.

This is what Mommy and Mer did during one of the 487 bowl games. We watched a lot of them, but somewhere around game 82, we needed a finger painting fix. Well, it didn't start as finger painting, but let me assure you that it ended as finger painting.

This was actually New Year's day. I think the high was about 18, but we had to get out of the house. Chris exhibited his usual ability to embrace childhood by making full use of the amenities of Mer's new red wagon. Despite the frigid temperatures, he had to bring along his bottle of Coke, just to break in the cup holders. And despite the fact that we were going out for about 5 minutes, he had to put his new ipod player in the wagon, so we could listen as we walked. I questioned the wisdom of putting either of these items within the toddler's reach, but I won't say "I told you so."

And just this week, Walt and Mer helped me make cake. Nothing like chocolate with sprinkles to while away the winter hours. Of course baking doesn't really expend the energy that sprinting around the backyard does, but I'm staying positive. I guess it's important to remember that winter demands more creative parenting than those lovely months when you just sit on the deck and make sure they don't break any limbs. A season for everything...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hack Job

I have mentioned before that parenthood is a uniquely humbling experience. And now I've discovered another new way to experience humility. I am officially a mom that I've scorned in the past. I am "Mom Who Spends Inordinant Amounts of Time Worrying about Her Child's Haircut."

In my own defense, Meredith's first haircut was a shatteringly bad haircut. It was the kind that actually called for dramatic action. It would have been entirely appropriate for me to yank her out of the chair halfway through the cut and march out of the store refusing to pay. When I spoke to the "beautician" I specifically said, "Just a bob, please. But not a Hardy Boys haircut and please, not a bowl haircut." I walked out of there with my darling girl looking EXACTLY like a Hardy Boy, but her haircut wasn't as even as theirs. That night, I found several large sections of hair that were a solid inch longer than the rest of the cut.

So the next day, we got Meredith's second haircut. It's better. Not much. Still uneven in spots. Some of the Hardy Boy elements of the original haircut could not be reversed. Nothing to be done but wait. And try not to talk about it.

Because I'm a person to whom appearances don't matter. Right? Ah, humility. I'll say one other thing for the surprises of parenting. For virtually the first time in my life, I'm acting like a girly-girl about this whole thing. The hits just keep on coming.

Monday, January 07, 2008

San. Di. Ego. SuperChargers

They won. Now on to the Cowboys.

We're just like the Kennedy's. Snicker.