Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A Day Off

A couple weeks ago, Meredith went to school sick for most of the week. They had "Discovery" tests scheduled; she had a pretty bad cold, but she pressed on through the week. On Friday, I gave her the day off. I will preface the following pictures by saying that she slept an hour and a half late AND took a nap that afternoon. So there WAS actual rest involved. But it was a great day.
No denying that. 

It was one of the first beautiful days of spring and we decided to go to Overton Park. Meredith made a scavenger hunt for us, which included researching items to add to the list on the internet and recopying it three times. All in about 15 minutes. Work gets done so easily when we're inspired, aye?

We started out on the trails. Tree hugging was entirely optional. 

This guy did NOT get hugged. 

We looked for signs of spring. It gets talked about a lot lately, but I can't go without saying: this park is an amazing gift. 

This is the fairy garden. It's amazing when the crape myrtles are in bloom. Mer snuck back to leave something in the garden. Still don't know what.

The hunt took us through the forest and then to most of the Overton Park landmarks...the College of Art, the Levitt Shell, the Doughboy statue.

She wanted us to find when the park was established. This must have come from the internet research. 

There was then a long, beautiful run to back to the car. Being truly warm and outside for the first time in 2014—and then faced with a wide open golf course (all that stands between you and the car that will take you to Five Guys), a girl will run.