Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How do I love thee MJ? Let me count the ways…

My daughter just had the most charming morning of her life. There were no cross words. No drama. No debates. She even played on her own this morning while I did some work. She was perfect. It broke my heart.

Some people worry and wonder how they’ll love baby #2 as much as they love the first child. Of course, it’s never an issue. The love just multiplies. My concern, however, is different. I am mourning the loss of time with Meredith. And I know that it’ll be fine and she’ll be fine and I’ll be fine and we’ll all be fine. But right now, it just aches a little to know that our Mommy and Mer Mer days will be different now.

So I’m trying to focus on her as much as I can, and I figured it was time for a photo shoot when I saw the cherry blossoms explode.

Mer, I love the way you say “here’s the plan,” when you don’t like the upcoming agenda as outlined by adults.

I love the way you call Leprechauns “leopard-pecans.”

I love the way you narrate your life: “She walked quietly down the hall, and gently set the baby on the bed. Suddenly, she heard a BOOM behind her!”

I love the way you ask me how my day was and ask your dad “So, who went to jail today?”

I love the way you say “every each” to indicate the totality of something. And I’m proud that you so often eat “every each piece of broccoli.”

I love it when you turn the radio up in your room so that I can hear it from my room, and sing louder too, in case I can’t hear that. Thanks, babe.

I love the way you tell me, as we walk into the grocery store, that you’re “going to have spectacular behavior so that I don’t have to ride in the cart.”

I love, love, love the way you dance, and the way that you tell us you’re “ready for princess classes” after a really great dance.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random in Arkansas

Meredith has been with her grandparents in Arkansas for the 2nd half of this week, and there's no telling what fun has occurred. But we were all there for a few days, and got to witness some of the fun first hand. She and I went for a walk on Sunday, and picked the world's tiniest bouquet. Peaceful fun.

In other fun, Chris' mom Karen (and Mer's marme) went with us and he taught her to fly fish. Look at that beautiful trout. It was so fun to have her there with us and we're pretty sure she came to appreciate exactly how relaxing Calico Rock can be.

Not to be outdone by his mom's photo op, Chris created one of his own. When Meredith sadly proclaimed that despite donning her new princess dress, she did not have a prince, Chris stepped into the role. Well, he stepped into the role after stepping into one of the vast closets in my mom and dad's house that contain all manner of random items. Isn't he, um, a handsome prince? Meredith, confronted with the genetic source of her penchant for drama and costume, really didn't know what to think.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We Love Snow -- and Nora

This time we got real snow. I could complain about how the REAL snow always seems to hit Memphis when you're well and truly ready for spring, but I won't. Anyhoo, this was thick, fluffy inches of snow and it fell for hours. It started Saturday, and we drove through it to Nora's third birthday. It continued through the night, and we had plenty to play in by the time we ventured out into the cold.

Nora prepares to make a wish.

Nora and Mer jumping. Or something. Who knows.

We squint when we smile.

The Mulherin boys eat snow. Don't worry, boys, I have pictures where you look awesome, too.

Midtown snowman.

Marshall catches air.
Fly boy Parker.

Mer braves the sled. It took some convincing to get her to try it...and then again to get her to stop. The world's most cautious child conquers fear yet again.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Monsters and Recycling Nightmares

First, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of Meredith and her Papa, dressed up in all manner of cold weather paraphernalia. And this is well before the recent snow hit Memphis. It was just for fun.

Second, I'll share the subject matter of last night's nightmare. I heard Meredith crying and ran to her room. She was writhing about, tortured and tragic. "Mommy, you recycled the top of my pretend egg container." [I did not.] Good heavens. What have a wrought?

See you soon, with lots of pics.