Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rewarding Moments

You shouldn't turn your kids into small versions of yourself. But you really can't help it. And sometimes, you can't help but admit that it's rewarding.

While speeding through the produce section at Target, Meredith grabbed my hand and stopped me. Outraged, she pointed at a box of apples - just plain old apples - that had Buzz and Lightyear on them (because is there anything that DOESN'T right now?).

Meredith, still outraged: "Mom. Those apples have NOTHING to do with Toy Story. Those are just apples, and they put Toy Story on there so that kids will ask their moms to buy them."

So BOO-YAH, evil marketing schemers. Can't get my kid to buy your branded apples. Granted, maybe I wish it had been something unhealthier. But still. Hah! She's on to you...

Dentist, Again

Chris took Meredith to the dentist for the first time about 6 months ago. It wasn't one of those Disney Land dentists, but it is a very laid back and friendly office, and the techs are all kid crazy. And besides all of that is the fact that Meredith, generally speaking, does what she's told to do and isn't scared of much. She'll refuse to do the small things, and throw temper tantrums like any kid. But when we do big things, where we really need her cooperation, she invariably rises to the occasion and makes it happen, despite any discomfort. Not so with the dentist. She absolutely refused to have anything to do with any of it, despite numerous attempts at bribery. Chris took her to school late that morning, and she was a sniffling, weepy, wreck. She and Ms. Laurin actually spent part of the morning composing an apology to Chris, to try to work through it.

Today she acted as though the dentist is a weekly activity. "Mom, that was no problem at all. I must have been 3 last time we tried to go to the dentist, because that was just not a problem."

Actually, Mer, you were 4. "Nah. I was 3. I'm sure."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tandem Walking

Madeline is finally more interested in walking, and is actually getting pretty good at it. She can walk from kitchen to dining room to living room all on her own - especially if she's motivated by wanting to carry something. But she really loves walk with Mer, as you'll see in the video. Listen for Madi's manic giggle. I think it's the best part. And don't worry - she doesn't mind the falling part a bit.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

This is Just to Say*

*full cred to the master, William Carlos Williams

We have eaten

the plums

that were in

the farmers market bag

and which

you were probably

going to use

for pie

Forgive us (not that we're actually sorry)

they were delicious

so sour

and messy

Thursday, June 03, 2010

13 Month Old Comedienne

I just had the most awesome night with Madeline. Despite the fact that I'm pretty sure she's working on another ear infection - and she's only 13 months old - my girl, seriously, has jokes.

You know how sometimes two people are trying to grab something and end up kind of playing tug of war with it, and then it slips out of one hand and bonks the other person in the nose - or something to that effect? Well Madi and I were doing that with a video case. It slipped and hit her in the face - hard enough that I expected her to cry. But she laughed. Hard. And so did I. And then she hit herself in the face with the video a few times and laughed hysterically each time -- and watched to make sure I did too. I have to say that I love this because the Sugg clan, well, we laugh when you hurt yourself. As long as it's obviously one of those injuries that is going to hurt the pride more than the body, we laugh. It's genetic and unstoppable. We've tried to quench it, to no avail. I will now nurture this shameful instinct in Madeline.

Then we went outside and she picked up a scrap of paper. She reached out to hand it to me and said her version of "thank you" - a sure indication that I'm meant to take it. But when my fingers touched it, she whipped it away and laughed her little prankster's laugh. She seriously thought she had punked me. And honestly, the first time, she did.

I never knew 13 month old kids could have jokes. I am such a fan of this girl.