Monday, May 25, 2015

Castillo de San Marcos By: Mer

Today we went to the Castillo de san Marcos, we had a wonderful time there, it was amazing.

This picture is Madeline with Sir Frederick Haldimand.

This is a picture of how they would shoot the cannon back then.

This is Meredith, Madeline, and their dad with a Spanish military officer. We saw a cannon shot (don't worry it was not real):)and this guy led it.

This is Meredith with Antonia Avero.She was a very powerful Spanish woman.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cousins with $10,000

Today was kindergarten graduation and (hopefully) I'll do a more sentimental post soon. But for today, I'll record these important thoughts for posterity. If Madeline had $10,000, she would alternate taking us all to Taco Bell and The Majestic for dinner each night. If Hadley had $10,000, she would buy stuffed animals for herself and her cousins and we would all go bowling.

Dream big, little ladies. Dream big.