Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Two Months

It's been two months since the little beauty entered our lives. We're madly in love with her and continually shocked by her preciousness. Two or three minutes of her cooing and smiling can reduce us to puddles of tears.

Her two month check up revealed her perfection. She did her standing trick for the doctor (while looking over mom's shoulder, she stands in mom's hand - just barely leaning on mom for support) and he was suitably impressed--or at least really good at dealing with moms who think he should be impressed. She's still a skinny thing, coming in at the 25th percentile for weight and the 75th for length. So she's basically exactly like her mom was at that age--and pretty darn Lareau-like as well. In related news, the doctor says she has perfect ears and won't get infections easily. Who knew, a few months ago, that such tidbits would thrill us so?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"So let me get this straight...I can't eat ANY of that?"

We were rockin' the rock (Calico Rock, AR that is) for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. Got to watch a lot of football, eat a lot of pie and hang out with the lovely Meredith while also having dozens of willing hands to help meet her daily cuddle-qouta. Meredith also got to meet more of the charming Czech side of the family, which was certainly good for her. Holidays are fun even when you're too young to eat pie! Oh - and the wonderful Calico Rock church even gave Meredith a shower. The spoiling continues unchecked!


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Baby Mullet

Our Meredith was born with an inordinate amount of hair and for the last couple weeks this bounty of lovely locks has been creating an unfortunate effect. That's right folks, our baby's got a mullet. We plan to amend the situation soon, but had to capture the look for posterity.

Thanksgiving and 2 month birthday pics coming soon...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bring Home the Bacon, Fry It up in the Pan

He's a hard-working daddy and we love him so much!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dad's Request

For the full camping story, see below. However, once Meredith's dad saw this picture and realized it hadn't been shared with the world via the internet, he demanded that it be posted. Silly daddy...

You Know You're in Arkansas When...

...Babies wear camouflage! I promise, we really did have a sweet little pink hat for Meredith. But we couldn't find it at the beginning of the camping trip (in Village Creek, AR), and so Wyatt Simmons offered his hat to Meredith (he's really quite a gentleman). It was a great first camping trip for Meredith. I won't lie, it was cold out there. But she was all bundled up and was held at all times, so she never had a chance to get cold. She slept really well, though her parents couldn't claim the same. I'm also posting a pic of Meredith's big brothers, Taurean and Robert, who helped take care of her on the trip. Robert is in the background, preparing a gourmet breakfast of leftover grilled chicken and marshmallows...ah, the palate of a 13 year old. Taurean is talking about how he kicked everyone else's behind during campfire games the night before. Good times!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Look Ma I've Got Hands!


I'm holding the little dumplin' as I type, so this will be brief. Suffice it to say that Meredith has discovered her hands and is not altogether thrilled. She's been kind of grouchy the last couple days and I attribute it to the frustration she's feeling as a result of not being able to jam her entire fist into her mouth. Equally frustrating is the unfortunate habit she has of clamping her thumbs tightly under her pointer fingers. Some part of her little instinct-filled self knows that there should be a lovely thumb there to suck on, but no one told the pointer fingers yet. Tough times for a 7 week old...


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Big Girl

Big girls can smile...and take baths. She's getting more long than anything else, but she's definitely getting bigger and stronger. She smiles at her dad pretty frequently. I don't have to tell anyone reading this the reason for that -- he's certifiable and I wish you could all see the faces and hear the noises that he's making right now in an attempt to amuse her. He also speaks in a very questionable French accent. I guess babies think that's funny. She alternates between mildly amused and a look that seems to say "um, dad, you're nuttier than a fruitcake." Big girls also can sleep through the night...and she's getting darn close. She only wakes up once in the wee hours (knock on wood) when she's hungry. Of course mom had kind of adjusted to the 3-4 hours of sleep schedule and now when she gets 5-6 she feels a bit like a train wreck. But trust me, we're NOT complaining! Soon, we hope to bring you evidence of Meredith's latest discovery -- hands!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Our Little Pooh Bear

Here's our Meredith wearing her Pooh Bear outfit from Aunt Judy. Isn't she an angel? I tell ya, when she's on, she's on and it would take an ACTUAL angel to beat Meredith in a charm-your-socks-off contest. After I took this picture we went for a loooonnnnggg walk in the perfect fall weather. She's patient when the acorns send the stroller awry and the when the imperfect sidewalk causes seismic activity in her little world. She's really such a dear...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From Colorado with Love

Grandpa Rick and Aunt Kayle came to visit last weekend and we had a wonderful time. Meredith quite obviously loved meeting more Lareaus. She's still pretty desperate to get some Dan and Karen in her life, but all in good time. Here's some pics of our weekend fun!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Going to the Chapel

Not to get married. Please, I'm six weeks old. But I did go to church this morning, and I was good the whole time. Mom and Dad sat on the back row and were ready to make a break for it in case I did anything outlandish. Please guys, have a little confidence. There's a time and a place for everything. I'm just relieved I had something to wear to church. If Gran hadn't saved one of Mom's dresses from when she was little, I wouldn't have looked half as cute. Thanks Gran (you know we can't rely on Mom to keep me girly).

By the way, my Grandpa Rick and Aunt Kayle came to visit this weekend and we've had a marvelous time. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Deep in the Heart of Texas

As you can see, Meredith is worn out from her first big trip. She weathered her first multi-state jouney with her usual grace and flexibility. She met lots of loved ones and was thoroughly impressed by the mother land (Texas). Meredith and I want to thank all the friends and family that made us feel so welcome and loved.

With Great Grandmother Florence SuggPhil and Pawpaw Rose
Debbie (the Baby Whisperer) and Meredith
Granny (actually great aunt once removed or something-we'll go w/Granny)
Aunt Judy: Queen of Baby Talk
Uncle Paul: Arms of Steel (we stopped counting how many hours he held her)
Good Vibes: Meredith slept 5! hours straight in Tia Sarah's peaceful bedroom
Roger & Meredith
The Sugg and Willis Women