Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pinecrest by Madeline

We got there on Sunday afternoon. We checked in at 3 and then we went to my cabin first to set me up. I had to be in the last room because the first room was full. But I was happy because on the last campers ended up to be my best buddy. Her name is Sophie.

Now I will talk about the schedule. We got ready for the day and then we to breakfast. The food was awesome. We ate and then went back to our cabins. We hung out there and then went to huddles in the Stump. We did 2 energizers every morning. Then Anne Marie had a bible school lesson. Then, we did a craft to go along with the Bible lesson. Then we had morning activities.

Every day when morning activities were over we went to lunch. After lunch every day we had flat time and after flat time, we went to the pool. Thn we had canteen. Then we went back to our cabins to change into dry clothes. Then we had dinner and night games. That’s the day at Pinecrest!

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